Harley Spectra Glo LED Light Pod 6-Lamp Starter Kit - 68000213

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Spectra Glo ® Light Pods allow you to install general lighting almost anywhere on the bike. Ground-facing pod placement provides a neon-like pool of light on the pavement , and pods hidden below the tank or behind covers reflects into chrome surfaces to double the splash of color.
• Compact flexible pods
• Features connectors that allow the lights to be chained together in longer strips or placed individually and connected by jumper wires
• Each pod features 3 individual RGB LEDs
• Includes a tough adhesive backing for easy placement
• Begin the installation with the 6-Lamp Starter Kit and add on with one or more 4-Lamp Expansion Kits
• Starter Kit includes 6 light pods , 4-3" jumpers , 1-8" jumper , and 1-24" jumper
• Requires separate purchase of Spectra Glo ® LED LIghting Controller Kit P/N 68000218


Fits all models. Requires separate purchase of Controller P/N 68000218. Additional alternate length harnesses are available (sold separately).